Gallery Closure and JCAs | November 23, 2015
Posted by: pluv

The front Custom Gallery archive will be closed for submissions starting 12/31/15 at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time, as we again gear up for the annual JoeCustoms awards. For those new to the site, the JoeCustoms awards are where you vote in different categories for your favorites during 2015. Here is a link to the JCA page to give you a better idea and a link to last years winners.

2015 Ugly Christmas Sweater | November 16, 2015
Posted by: J_Man

From now through November and first week of December, orders are open (payment information below) for the 2015 Ugly Christmas Sweater! Proceeds will go into the JoeCustoms coffers for upcoming projects.

The main color it will be offered on is a royal blue long sleeve tshirt, but you can indicate if you would like an alternate color. Red, royal blue, navy blue, green, dark green, purple, and black are available.

{View thread to see attached file}

{View thread to see attached file}

Send payment through Paypal only to:

When placing your order please state the following in the Paypal notes field
1) shirt size
2) Shirt Type (long sleeve t, tshirt, or sweat shirt)
2) color preference

{View thread to see attached file}

If you have any further questions, post here or contact me through PM or on Facebook.

Secret Santa 2015!!! | November 14, 2015
Posted by: Tim 121RVC

Here's the Secret Santa 2015 edition!!! (note that this isn't site sponsored)

The idea of this event is sending a present to another forum member and receiving a gift from a member as well.

The 28th of November will be the deadline for signing up for the Secret Santa 2015.

Iíll then randomly match people up and send everybody their victim's address via PM. Then you'll have the job of trying to find a suitable gift to make your victim as happy as when he was 11 years old and found the Terrordome, a Super Nintendo or a Chinese Major Bludd under the Christmas treeÖ..or at least make him smile at the thoughtfulness of the gift. The goal is to have the gifts sent out before Christmas, the recommended date to have your SS victimís gift in the mail is before the 10th of December (See Step 6!).


DEADLINE: Saturday, Nov 28th (You must have PMed me your address by this date!)

What to do:
Make a WISH LIST. It can be anything toy relatedÖ
Post your Wish List in the designated Wishlist threadÖ viewtopic.php?f=24&t=43827
Private Message (PM) me your mailing address and let me know if you are willing to ship internationally or not.
Wait - I'll get with you via PM giving you the name and address of your victim...I plan to have victims and Secret Santaís matched up and notified by the 30th of November.
Shop/Customize - Get a gift ready. It shouldn't be more then 20 bucks.
SHIP IT!! I know you think 'well duh' but some people have issues with this part. Itís nice to get the Secret Santa Christmas gifts BEFORE Christmas, and disappointing when you do not. The 10th of December date is a good guideline, but just make the best effort to get it there prior to Christmas.
Wait - Sooner or later you should be receiving a gift from a random person as well.
Brag - Show us what you got from your Secret Santa, Its fun for you and for us. You might also think of extending thanks to your Secret Santa. I'll open up a thread for that when the time comes.

1. Only JC members with a 100+ forums post count are eligible to participate!
2. DON'T STIFF ANYONE. Its rare but it does happen.
3. Try to keep your gift under 20 bucks. Itís the thought and effort that counts, NOT the price tag.
4. Donít be an ass. Be grateful and accept the gift in the spirit it was given.
5. Donít ask to be matched up to So-n-So. Its random: youíll get who you get (I usually have my wife randomize the list for me).

If you feel like giving to more then 1 person just PM me that you would like to do so. It helps take up the slack when thereís an odd number of people and when thereís not, itís out to be a cool bonus for one lucky JCer.

Post any questions here or PM me your info by 28 NOV and Iíll get to work ASAP. Also, do not forget to visit the Wish List thread and post your Christmas Wishes.

Thanks to Sharkbait for starting this event many, many years ago, to Tsunami and to Crosshair for hosting earlier Secret Santa editions!

NJC #87- It's a Star Wars Christmas! | October 29, 2015
Posted by: Dusty79

Christmas is just around the corner and another Star Wars movie is on the horizon, so why not combine the two?

The challenge is to take any Star Wars character and make them festive. Paint, tiny candy canes, tiny lights, tiny trees,
whatever. And if you would rather take a Christmas character such as Jack Frost or Santa and dress him up to fit the
Star Wars world with a light saber or a blaster, go ahead and do that too. Vehicles welcome as well.

Let's get festive and may the Force be with you.

Due date is 12/28 at 12:00pm(noon Eastern).

Squads Group Project Details | October 19, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Squads: A small team (3 to 5) of Joes, Cobras or any other established faction that are all outfitted in mission specific gear. The squad leader must be an established character/figure and the team members can be established or new characters.

Examples are Snow Job leading an Arctic team of arctic-clad Joes or An Alley-Viper leading an orange-clad Urban team consisting of a Viper, Tele-viper, and Heat-viper.

Claiming is required for the Squad's leader, and unnamed leaders (ie Alley-Viper, SAW Viper) must be claimed for version/color.
Click here to claim your established Leader character from any GI Joe media xxxxx.

Squads must consist of 3-5 figures and a maximum of 3 squads per customizer.

Claiming thread here - viewtopic.php?f=118&t=43729

Due date: Sunday, January 3rd 11:59pm-ish (midnight-ish) Eastern

The Green Lasers are coming! | March 01, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Long range scanners have detected an incoming invasion force. Prepare yourselves. We don't yet know their numbers.

Edit to clarify:You can start submitting your customs and tagging your customs as follows.
The Spectre= greenlaser
Everyone else = purplelaser