GI Joe: Year One Group Project is under way | March 06, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Details here including a claiming thread. Deadline is Sunday, June 7th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

The Green Lasers are coming! | March 01, 2015
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Long range scanners have detected an incoming invasion force. Prepare yourselves. We don't yet know their numbers.

Edit to clarify:You can start submitting your customs and tagging your customs as follows.
The Spectre= greenlaser
Everyone else = purplelaser

JoeCustoms Awards show 2014 | March 01, 2015
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First of all, thank you for your patience waiting for this. Second, congratulations to all of the nominees and eventual winners. Lots of tough choices and as you'll hear, even the podcasters didn't agree most of the time.

Third, so you can follow along here is the written list with links to the winners and runners up.

Fourth, podcast link - ... 3ea6bbbc35

NJC #83 Spider-Man & Friends/Foes | February 25, 2015
Posted by: pluv

"My Custom Sense is Tingling!"

For this NJC we dip into one of the richest of the comics "families" - the world of Spider-Man! With the "Spiderverse" storyline going on right now, what better time to pay tribute to one of the greatest comics characters ever?

The only criteria is that the character be primarily be associated with a Spider title. For example, while Spider-Man has fought Dr. Doom before, Doom is primarily associated with the Fantastic Four, so Doom does not fit. However, the Vulture has fought other heroes like Daredevil, but is more closely associated with Spider-Man, so Vulture counts.

Good luck!

Due date: Monday, April 27th, 2015 entries to sent by 12:00pm Eastern Standard Time to

Gary Head memorial bandanna and pledge | February 17, 2015
Posted by: J_Man

In memory of our friend Gary "Goggles" Head:, in collaboration with, is offering a memorial bandanna printed with the infamous Goggles.

Wear it as an arm band, a headband to display the goggles, or keep simply as a memento.

Minimum donation of $5.00. All proceeds will go to the Head/Capua Family.

Place your order by submitting your donation now and get your bandana in time for the 2015 GIJOE Convention.

Please use the following Paypal address:

If you have no interest in the bandanna but still wish to help the Head/Capua Family | Joe Declassified, please click this link:

This is a fundraiser that John Golembiewski and Sam Damon worked on. My print company will provide and ship the bandannas. Shipping cost will be extra and you will only be charged what I am paying to ship. Receipts can be provided if necessary for the shipping charges. Please have all bandanna orders in by March 13, 2015! Thank you!

Blue Laser Prisoner Exchange | January 20, 2015
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I didn't make this clear at all before so I'm trying to fix my mistake. Apparently there has been a security leak revealing two prisoner exchanges that have already taken place.
Raptorís viewtopic.php?f=14&t=42347

Vanishing Pointís viewtopic.php?f=14&t=42351

Our JC intel assets are requesting that all future Prisoner Exchange reveals be held off until at least February 16th. And the links be added to this thread. This message will self destruct in