JoeCon 2015 Blind Pull Group Project reveal | May 22, 2015
Posted by: pluv

For those who have never followed our Joe Con Blind Pull projects before, please allow me to give you a quick run down. Each year at Joe Con we have participants bring 1 figure's worth of matching parts. All matching arms go in one bag, all the heads in another and so on and so on. Then participants reach into the bags without looking and pull out parts. Whatever parts they get they have to turn into a custom.

It sounds simple, but let me assure you, it isn't. You really have to dig in and find that character's identity. Or the parts are so obvious who it should be, you try to creatively make it different or better than the original parts.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea of why certain choices were or weren't made and maybe even a deeper appreciation for how awesome these all turned out. But you be the judge and let them know what you think after checking out the customs. ... p=joecon15

NJC #84 World War 2 on Pop Culture! | April 29, 2015
Posted by: Kilcarr

So the idea here is shamelessly inspired by DanoftheDead's awesome work. Especially his Chrononauts and more recently his Nazi Ghostbusters. To that end, take any character in Pop Culture, and slap them into a World War 2 type outfit scheme. The only restriction is, you cannot take actual historical figures from that time period and give them better tech. I want to see things like a World War 2 Megatron Tiger Tank.

Submissions are due by 6/29

Get those brushes in your hands!

GI Joe: Year One Group Project is under way | March 06, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Details here including a claiming thread. Deadline is Sunday, June 7th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.

The Green Lasers are coming! | March 01, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Long range scanners have detected an incoming invasion force. Prepare yourselves. We don't yet know their numbers.

Edit to clarify:You can start submitting your customs and tagging your customs as follows.
The Spectre= greenlaser
Everyone else = purplelaser