No Joe Challenge #80 topic | August 28, 2014
Posted by: pluv

To reiterate the point of the No Joe Challenge (NJC), we make customs of non-GI Joe characters under a tight two month deadline. After the two months, a poll is put up and all those who have participated in previous NJCs are able to vote for their favorite submission. The creator of the winning custom gets to pick the topic (with absolutely no cheerleading or pre-announcing) for the next NJC. The one caveat is that nobody can win back to back NJCs. So even though Lance Sputnik won #79 with his Big Bertha custom, since it was his topic, as the runner ups, sgcaper gets to choose instead.

The topic I'd like is: 80's Television Action Stars.

ex. A-Team, MacGyver, Airwolf, Night Rider, Street Hawk, Blue Thunder, CHiPs, Tour of Duty, Magnum PI, etc ... ade/1980s/

Due date is Monday, October 27th at 12:00pm (noon, midday) Eastern Standard Time.

Gallery archive changes, 10 new per day | July 30, 2014
Posted by: pluv

Since we just hit the 400 queued up customs mark, we've decided to add 10 new customs per day instead of the usual 5. We feel this will help get them through the queue before the end of the year to make them all eligible for the year end JoeCustoms Awards, while at the same time making sure they are given time on the front page for people to see them.

In addition, we raised the limit from 10 to 20 per person per sitting/day. This is a flood limit that lets our Gallery Staff have time to review and edit entries before they get queued and keeps someone from dumping hundreds of customs onto the site at once.

If anyone runs into any issues or if you have any questions feel free to post them in here or PM me.

SPIRITS vs CORPSE is the new Group Project | June 10, 2014
Posted by: pluv

DanOfTheDead did a good job of laying out the specifics already. Just needed the September 14th due date added. Any questions or comments bring them up here viewtopic.php?f=108&t=41002

JoeCustoms Pay it Forward Box | May 23, 2012
Posted by: pluv

PAY IT FORWARD: The expression is used to describe the concept of asking that a good deed be repaid by having it done for others instead.

Hey gang.
You may remember JoeCustoms launched this exact event a few years back. It was a howling success for many months, and what started as a small box of parts ended up somewhere around 20lbs before some one killed the project by keeping the box and not sending it on to the next person.

If you are a newer member, I'll 'splain how this project works: Members will sign up to participate based on the requirements listed below. I'll start the project off by filling a small box with custom fodder. Ill send the box to the first person on the list. When they receive it, they'll take out what they want, and replace it with fodder from their own parts box and send it on to the next person. And so on, and so on.

Due to problems that occurred last time, the rules will be a little different this time to make sure that the previous problems don't happen again. The goal is that we can keep this project going indefinitely. I'd like to see it continue for years if possible.


1.) We are limiting this project to 10 people at a time. First come, first to participate. Once the first 10 have participated, the box will come back to a JC representative and the process will continue with the next 10 people on the list. This keeps the project in motion, and better supervised.

2.) This project is limited to forums members that have been active the past 6 months only.

3.) To participate, PM Zombieguide your name, address, email and telephone #. We need to be able to contact people that hold up progress. Holding up progress means you won't be included in future PIF projects.

4.) Once the box comes, you'll have 7 days to go through it. Once you are done with it, you can log on to, and using their Priority Mail service, you can print out postage, with a tracking # and send it on to the next person. This way you can print your postage at home, and leave it for the mailman to pick up. "Can't make it to the post office" is not a valid excuse for holding up the project. If you know you'll have trouble committing to 7 days, then you may want to pass on this.

5.) Participation at this time is limited to the US. We're sorry but we don't want the customs procedures and additional postage to hold anything up this time around. If the project is successful there is the possibility international members will be included in the future.

6.) Please keep your takings and contribution limited to approx. a standard sandwich bag full. And please keep it limited to ONLY Hasbro GI JOE parts. No vehicle parts and NO JUNK! Include decent items that some one can actually use, and not as a dumping ground.

7.) To participate you need to agree to everything above.

If any of the above comes off as 'mean', we apologize. We see real potential to have a fun project that everyone can benefit from, but we need to be honest and straight forward to keep it going, keep it affordable for everyone, and most importantly KEEP IT MOVING.

This project will have its own dedicated thread in the Site Stuff section, so everyone can monitor progress and feel free to take photos and post it as it passes your hands. Ill post a video of what I'm sending out on day one.