Group Project topic nominations | September 26, 2016
Posted by: pluv

We'll take nominations until Friday and then put up a poll.

Posts to this thread should have the title of the Group Project and a link to the thread in the General Group Projects forum that describes it. You do not have to be the originator of the Group Project in order to nominate it.

(1) You may post up to TWO nominations for consideration. There are lots of great Group Projects to choose from, so this may be difficult. If you post more than two, only the first two will be added to the voting.

(2) You MUST include a link to the thread in the General Group Projects forum so people can discuss the project and see what it is about. If a thread does not exist, please create one. If you do not include a link in the nomination, the GP will not be added to the voting.

(3) A Group Project should only be nominated ONCE.

(4) No cheerleading within this thread. Simply post a nomination.

(5) Nomination posts should look like this:

I nominate the following:
Joe vs Apes

The Cobras of Hazzard

or GI Ducks - giducks

(6) If you are uncertain about the details of a specific group project or need clarification, please post in the thread in the General Group Projects forum discussing the project before nominating.

Unclear about how Group Projects are selected or how jy are run? Just ask.

NJC #92: Battle Cars | September 02, 2016
Posted by: Tim 121RVC

I love videogames like Carmageddon and Twisted Metal, I played them a lot when I was a teenager. I really like the kind of cars in those games, customised and upgraded with all kinds of armour and weapons. That's exactly the theme for this NJC: Battle Cars!
Entries from all kinds of media are allowed: videogames (Twisted Metal, Carmageddon), cartoons (M.A.S.K., Wacky Races), tv series, comics and movies (Death Race, Mad Max).

Note: the cars must "exist" as Battle Cars in their original source. For example Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine with added guns and rockets has never existed in the cartoon, so that's not allowed.
Driver(s) are allowed with your Battle Car, but not mandatory.

Deadline will be October 31st.

Codename Iowa: Assembly Required 2016 | August 18, 2016
Posted by: pluv

November 5, 2016
U of I Pappajohn Education Center
Downtown Des Moines, Iowa
More details to come.

Coil Con 2016, Updated with SUPERCOP *link* | August 05, 2016
Posted by: pluv

More details coming this weekend. October 9, Dayton OH
{View thread to see attached file}

UPDATE: GeneralsJoes has a preview of the Sidewinder Air Assault figure.
{View thread to see attached file}
More pics of the figure here. ... -revealed/

Blind Chief Pull | July 18, 2016
Posted by: pluv

{View thread to see attached file}

We did not plan a Blind Pull for the 2016 Joe Con as we have done in years' past. When Chief dumped out a pile of figures and fodder for everyone to take what they want, we had the makings of an impromptu Blind Chief Pull. If you were one of the people who went to Joe Con and took something from the fodder we'd like to see what you come up with for it. Because this is coming after the fact, we're going to put together a small prize package for one lucky participant that will include among other things a BFS glow in the dark armor set as well as some figures. So try to take a before and after shot of your parts and figure.

Deadline: Sunday November 6th, 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

And for those who didn't even know this was a thing until now, neither did I. :monocle: