NoJoe Challenge #96: Mascot Mayhem - Deadline 6/26 | May 01, 2017
Posted by: pluv

Ok I was giving this some thought. The idea is called "MASCOT MAYHEM", we have to create a mascot from any college/ pro sports team mascot. Any sport is fine.....However with that being said it can't just be a typical mascot. Has to have some type of Mayhem/ violent theme to it as well. Also it can have animal heads and features as well. Any mascot will do. Only rule is it has to have something in common with the sports team . So if someone was to do a "Tampa Bay Buccaneer" , there has to be something about the character that makes him represent that team. Example would be to have at least one of the following: team colors, logo, sports equipment ect. You can't just make a pirate figure and call him a Buccaneer.

Due date is Monday June 26th at 12:00
PM (noon) Eastern.

Group Project Super Joe Cart description; due date 5/28 | February 21, 2017
Posted by: pluv

Pretty straight forward, your favorite Joe mythos character driving a go kart. Of course, Mario Kart is a reference here; I want these vehicles to scream "Snake Eye," "Serpentor," "Cobra Commander," etc. without having to read the information.

No claiming needs to happen, and I think allowing the max of three works too. I think that any Joe related faction is fine, and I had even thought that a custom figure could be made for the kart if desired.

Each kart, of course, should be a small, one manned vehicle. The original idea came from this:
So that should give people a good idea.

I also found some great karts from other genres (mostly done in Lego/brick form, but mainly for the ideas): ... 7972_z.jpg ... f773bc.jpg ... 2d64_o.jpg ... 6ea0_b.jpg ... 707e_b.jpg ... d561_b.jpg ... ggs9jo.jpg ... ollage.jpg ... 24_006.jpg ... _Karts.jpg

Due date is Sunday, May 28th at 11:59pm-ish Eastern Standard Time.