Custom Contest, details inside | July 03, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Happy Big Brawler Day!
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In honor of all those who take their brawl to the biggest, we're announcing a vehicle custom contest:
Red, White, BOOM!
Take any GI Joe vehicle and glitz it up for Uncle Sam. Make Captain America proud. Let's see those stars and stripes.

All entries are due Sunday, July 26th at 11:59pm PST. Please send at least 3-6 pictures of your custom, a short bio/description, and your screen name to with "Red White & Boom" in the subject line.

On the 27th, we'll open a poll on the forum to decide who will be taking home a SDCC 2015 50th Crimson Strike set from Hasbro as seen here. ... n.html?m=1

No line. No waiting. No hitting refresh on your keyboard all day. This could be yours.
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NJC #85 Dr. Bindy's Cantina | July 02, 2015
Posted by: Dusty79

You know those awesome Cantina dio stories drbindy has been doing? Have you ever wanted to contribute to those? I know I have and here is our chance. The idea here is to create a character you imagine strolling into the Cantina or recreate an existing character from the Cantina. You can make an alter ego of yourself, a self custom, a custom of another Joecustoms board member or an entirely new character altogether with no Joecustoms influence. The field is pretty open here for your imagination to run wild. The only rule is that is has to be an original character, meaning no Star Wars, Marvel, Nintendo, etc. Existing characters from drbindy's stories do count as original and can be redone. So if you want to make a Knighthawk, Lance Sputnik, or JM70 for example, go right ahead. I have talked to drbindy and recipes and characters put forward in this challenge may be remade by him for inclusion in future episodes.

Go ahead and refresh your memory on the Cantina series here:

And get painting, cutting, sanding, and gluing. Good Luck.

Due date for submissions is 12:00pm EST, August 31, 2015

Send all submissions to

For more info concerning NJC submission rules, read here: NJC Rules

Featured Customizer for July 2015 | July 01, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Go check out what the Featured Customizer for July has to say about the hobby, then come back here and let him know what you think. ... Customizer

Motorized Action Packs group project details | June 29, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Goal: Take those funny, goofy motorized action or vehicle packs apart and make new versions!
Sea, air, land, offensive, defensive, support, enough to choose from. Just keep them "portable".

Inspiration? Take a look at the original stuff:

1. The motorized action/vehicle packs must have the possibility to be carried on the back of a figure.
2. The motorized action/vehicle packs must actually work. Make a short movie and post a youtube link in your submission.
3. Normal G.I.Joe scales.
4. No maximum amount of entries.
5. No claiming.

First timer or having doubts about the rules? Group Project Guidelines and FAQ

Deadline: Sunday October 4th, 11:59pm PST.

Details for submitting your entry will go up before the deadline.

The Green Lasers are coming! | March 01, 2015
Posted by: pluv

Long range scanners have detected an incoming invasion force. Prepare yourselves. We don't yet know their numbers.

Edit to clarify:You can start submitting your customs and tagging your customs as follows.
The Spectre= greenlaser
Everyone else = purplelaser