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Baja Stinger
Shockwave's personal vehicle
The Renegade's Jeep
A new version of the Sharc
An interesting Machine Gun Carrier
Joe Desert Jeep
SWAT Vehicle
SWAT Helicopter
A Jungle Jeep, By Thomas Wheeler
An Arctic Jeep, By Thomas Wheeler
A Flatbed Humvee.
The Traditional Humvee with top mounted machine guns.
A Medical Humvee.
This looks more like the Humvee the commanders drive around in.
The basic all around Humvee.
This shows all the Humvee's together, as well as how he did it!!
An amazing, built from scratch Jeep, with how he did it!
Vamp Mark 3, by Warflight
WHALE with some upgrades
A Tomahawk carrying extra cargo
Tomahawk in a nice camo scheme
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