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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A.T. Desert Extreme Combat idz bowl
B.U.G.S. Bionic UpGrade Symbiote DanOfTheDead
Back-Stop Armor Driver LeeMarvin80
Backstab Assasin icecreamman
Bad Road Green Beret Die Hunn
Badger Driver Cobra Transportation Specialist Tunnel Rat
Bam-Bam Infantry Firebert
Barbecue Fire Fighter Tunnel Rat
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baron Ironblood Leader of the Red Shadows Kambei
Baron Ironblood Terrorist Leader Kambei
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows commander Dark Horse
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Leader steve2477
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Supreme Leader past nastification
Baron Von Chill Medieval Master past nastification
Baroness Cobra's Iintelligence Officer NIKOLAI
Baroness Business Attire DanOfTheDead
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer Tunnel Rat
Baroness Espionage drbindy
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Tunnel Rat
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer in Diving Gear Tunnel Rat
Baroness The Baroness in an elegant evening gown The Baroness
Baroness Intelligence Officer mikomatsing
Baroness Intelligence Veronica Mars
Baroness Cobra Director of Intelligence Tunnel Rat
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