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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A. Baracus Mercenary HypnoHustler
B.A.T. Battle Damaged Battle Android Trooper sgcaper
B.A.T.tle (Rampart) Castle Destro Security joemichaels70
Back Stop Tank Driver OreoBuilder
Backblast Battle Corps Anti-Aircraft Trooper OreoBuilder
Bagmen Smash and Grab Raiders DanOfTheDead
Balor Irish Evil Eye sgcaper
Bane Berserk Mercenary / Luchador joemichaels70
Banzai First-Strike Commando/Nunchaku instructor Kilcarr
Barbecue Fire Fighter OreoBuilder
Barbecue Night Force Firefirefighter OreoBuilder
Barbecue Firefighter Lance Sputnik
Barbecue Firefighter Vanishing Point
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Supreme Commander Vanishing Point
Baron VonStrucker Hydra Figurehead sgcaper
Baron Wolfgang VonStrucker V2 Leader of HYDRA joemichaels70
Baroness Bag Lady Lance Sputnik
Baroness Intelligence OreoBuilder
Barrel Roll High Altitude Sniper OreoBuilder
Barricade Battle Corps Bunker Buster OreoBuilder
Barricade Night Force Bunker Buster OreoBuilder
Barricade Bunker Buster OreoBuilder
BatGirl Thrillkiller joemichaels70
Batman Power Armor sgcaper
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