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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A.T. v2 Legless Battle Android Trooper CDR
Ballistic Cybernetic assassin Lance Sputnik
Bane Gotham City Criminal icecreamman
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baroness Pilot past nastification
Baroness Intelligence Kwinn_Lives
Baroness Intelligence Officer, Early Marvel / Sunbow past nastification
Baroness w/ Ravage Crossover Dayspring
Barrel Roll High-Altitude Sniper Kwinn_Lives
Batgirl Gotham City Crime Fighter icecreamman
BatGirl III Spoiler Sharkbait
Beyonder 2.0 Secret Wars II Earth 616 Version joemichaels70
Big Bertha Great Lakes Avenger Lance Sputnik
Billy Commando/Ninja past nastification
Billy Cobra Commander's son / Ninja Patrick A. Riley
Billy Martial Arts Sharkbait
Billy Arashikage Trainee Darko
Bishop Xavier Student Enforcer icecreamman
Black Bat Vigilante icecreamman
Black Canary Vigilante Songstress Spin Doctor
Black Cat Reformed thief icecreamman
Black Out Sniper Veronica Mars
Blade Paranormal Kilcarr
Blind Master Ninja Master Mr Arashikage
Body Bags Plague Range Viper past nastification
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