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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A.M. & The Suze Intelligence/Steel Fabrication Otto the Otter
Baby Alley Viper Elite alleyviperelite
Ballistic Cybernetic assassin Lance Sputnik
Balloness Crystal Ball Imposter Baroness nova
Bambi Jean Cobra Redneck; Bride of Beer Viper The pros from Dover
Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy pluv
Baroness Cobra Intelligence russdawg
Baroness The Animated Series Scrap-Iron
Baroness Intelligence chrysophylax
Baroness Intelligence Operative C Urbach
Baroness Intelligence Officer/ Diver husker85
Baroness Intelligence Raphmeister
Baroness Intelligence Officer mikomatsing
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer TeknoKyo
Baroness ARAH ROC Style/ Intelligence Officer husker85
Baroness Bag Lady Lance Sputnik
Baroness Cobra Director of Intelligence Tunnel Rat
Baroness Intelligence/Sabotage fettsplace
Baroness Espionage Burn Rourk
Baroness The Baroness in an elegant evening gown The Baroness
Baroness Intelligence Officer, Early Marvel / Sunbow past nastification
Baroness Intelligence mrgreedo
Baroness Cobra Intelligence theunknown
Baroness Pilot past nastification
Baroness COBRA Cyborg Domina Vanishing Point
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