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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Canadian Mountie Border Patrol ZombieGuide
Canary Ann Funskool Action Commando OreoBuilder
Candie Cane Christmas Commando Field Leader Mysterious Stranger
Candy Appel Costumed Party Performer past nastification
Cannonball Helicopter Pilot past nastification
Cannonball RHINO Driver mshadow
Capt. Grid Iron Hand-to-hand Combat Specialist icecreamman
Captain America Sentinel of Liberty Turbo_Magnus
Captain Grant Campbell Action Force Z-Force Leader army of darkness
Captain Minh Fisherman Mr Arashikage
Captain Mitchell Naval Officer Ol man
Captain Samantha Carter SG1 Lance Sputnik
Caracidi Assassin remster_9
Carla "Doc" Greer Medic carnage717
Carla "Doc" Greer Tiger Force Medic toy-nutz
Catfish Desert Ambush patrol: Code Name Team Whiskey Rick Wheeler
Caveira Mercenary aka "The Skull" Mainframe
Cesspool ToxoCorp CEO ZombieGuide
Chain Viper Special Operations Infantry Kwinn_Lives
Chameleon Sigma 6 Covert Operations toy-nutz
Chapel CIA / Delta Force Operator battlemunky
Charis Brooks Civilian Arms Dealer drbindy
Charlie Robot Heavy Mechanic Doctor Robert Strange
Chase Alexander Computer Tech aboard Ajax's Talon drbindy
Checkmate Military Intelligence sgartz
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