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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Capt. Miller Saving Pvt. Ryan 1/6 scale hero dfreese37
Captain America Super Soldier Kilcarr
Captain America Avenger, a.k.a. Steve Rogers drbindy
Captain Hammer Super Hero DanOfTheDead
Castor Troy Domestic Terrorist Lance Sputnik
Catwoman Cat Burgler joemichaels70
Chong Li Kumite Fighter customgijoes
Christopher Walken The Christopher Walken Loop
Chuck Norris Action Hero Rambo
Chuckles Internal Affairs Vanishing Point
Claire Redfield Survivor Stronox
Clark W. Griswold Head of House bucky
Co Bao Undercover. Spy Rambo
Cobra Combat Ninja Viper # 8 Almost Famous joemichaels70
Cobra Commander Snake Transformation DanOfTheDead
Cobra Commander Retaliation movie costume pluv
Cobra Commander Retaliation Inspired distantjoe
Cobra Commander Undone Vanishing Point
Cobra Commander Leader of Cobra Stronox
Cobra. Marion Cobretti LAPD Supercop Rambo
Codebreaker Technical Surveillance Mainframe
Col. Trautman Colonel US Army Special Forces LIVEVIL
Colonel Coetzee Mercenary blaster_e11
Comedian Minutemen Superhero pluv
Commander Ace Hunter Leader of MegaForce bcost74
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