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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
D.Q. Pathologist joemichaels70
Dailtone Communications Dayspring
Daina Sniper/Helicopter Pilot Jay
Daina Original Oktober Guard Member Sidewinder
Daina Sniper Kamakura
Daina Sniper / Helicopter Pilot HypnoHustler
Daina Helicopter Pilot / Sniper HypnoHustler
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper ZombieGuide
Daina Sniper turner
Daina Sniper Kamakura
Daina Sniper minstrelboy
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper/Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper balashivo
Daina Sniper Stormavik
Daina Sniper, Helicopter Pilot, Intellegence jrock0525
Daina II Sniper (Sunbow version) past nastification
Danielle (Dani) R. LeCoq Heir to one Hero, Sidekick to another drbindy
Daphne Blake Solving mysteries and being girly, Scooby Doo sgcaper
Dazzler Marvel X-Men Mutant pluv
Debbie Planet Techno Whiz Lance Sputnik
Deena Pilgrim Homicide (Powers Related) Detective DanOfTheDead
Dela Eden Assassin Veronica Mars
Dela Eden Undercover Operative, aka Lilith Kwinn_Lives
Dela Eden Red Shadows Agent Fozzie
Dela Eden Terrorist john_mounier
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