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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
D. Ranger Ajax R.A.A. Trinity C.A.G. (Pilot Uniform) drbindy
Dale Arden Flash Gordon's companion drbindy
Danielle (Dani) R. LeCoq Heir to one Hero, Sidekick to another drbindy
Daphne Blake Solving mysteries and being girly, Scooby Doo sgcaper
Dark Master Creepy Ninja Master alleyviperelite
Darklon Iron Grenadier Driver Pyre
Dart Tracker DavAnthony
Dart Recon/Infantry bucky
Dart Pathfinder Pyre
Dart ATR Tracking & Spotter sgcaper
Data Creeper Infiltration/Corporate Espionage Kilcarr
David Gallo Cobra Trooper Keenan
Davros von Schillborn Scientist: Eugenics and Bio-Mechanics Kambei
Deadshot Assassin Iron Will
Deadshot Assassination Kilcarr
Deathstroke Mercenary for Hire bucky
Deathstroke Rogues Gallery drbindy
Dee-Jay Battle force 2000 Morgardee
Deep Six Deep Sea Diver Pyre
Deep Six Diver Sharkbait
Deep Six Sharc Diver Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Demolisher Dreadnok Brute Pyre
Denia Commando HypnoHustler
Depth Charge Underwater Demolitions Pyre
Desert Scorpion Desert Fighter Pyre
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