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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Danny Ocean Mastermind Lance Sputnik
Darwin Tremor Smokin Aces 1 bcost74
David Dunn Unbreakble Hero DanOfTheDead
Deadpool Assassin Radrick4375
Derek Flint Super Spy pluv
Destro - Alexander McCullen Weapons Supplier snowman_ejc
Deunan Knute Appleseed the Movie version TeknoKyo
Die Hard Police Detective Mainframe
Die Spinne "Frankenstein's Army" Inspired Zombot DanOfTheDead
Dillon CIA Operative/ Intelligence Keenan
Dirty Harry Callahan Crime Enforcement drbindy
Doctor Horrible Evil League of Evil DanOfTheDead
Doctor Mindbender Rise of Cobra Concept Lance Sputnik
Doctor Mindbender Rise of Cobra Lance Sputnik
Domino Mercenary Tiger Boy
Domino Derval Girl Lance Sputnik
Don Corleone Godfather Lance Sputnik
Dr Manhatten Nuclear Scientist joemichaels70
Dr. Emitt Brown "Doc" Back to the Future kramer 70
Dr. Julius Gno Mad scientist Lance Sputnik
Dr. Zaius Minister of Science pluv
Dude From Uwe Boll's film POSTAL bcost74
Dutch Rescue Team Leader/ Hand-to-Hand Combat Keenan
Dutch Major / ex-military / mercenary Spartan118
Dutch Predator Team Leader kramer 70
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