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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Daina Sniper Kamakura
Daina Sniper minstrelboy
Daina Sniper / Helicopter Pilot HypnoHustler
Daina 1st Appearance Sniper turner
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper/Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper ZombieGuide
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper balashivo
Daina Sniper/Helo Pilot MJTanner
Daina Sniper Kamakura
Daina Sniper Stormavik
Daina Helicopter Pilot / Sniper HypnoHustler
Daina Sniper, Helicopter Pilot, Intellegence jrock0525
Daina Original Oktober Guard Member Sidewinder
Daina Sniper/Helicopter Pilot Jay
Daina II Sniper (Sunbow version) past nastification
Dark Spot Night Viper concealment specialist / marksman Tim 121RVC
Dead Eye EXCAL Infantry; Sniper drbindy
Dead Eye Helicopter gunner, sniper Rosey Joe
Dead-Eye Sniper mshadow
Deadeye Navy S.E.A.L. Sniper The pros from Dover
Deadpool Lifeguard / superhero, swimsuit edition Tim 121RVC
Deadshot Assassination Kilcarr
Deadshot Sniper/Artillery Mainframe
Deadshot Assassin Iron Will
Desert Wolf Ranger Kwinn_Lives
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