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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
E.T. Green Lantern icecreamman
Eagle Claw Ninja Commando Karasu
Eagle Claw Ninja Commando Karasu
Eagle Eye Attack Cruiser RPV Pilot Jogunwarrior
Earth Shadow Ninja hypnoteyes
Eastbound Ex-filtration Kilcarr
Echo GI Joe Foreign Operative alleyviperelite
Edger Dreadnok sharp weapons Tim 121RVC
Eduardo Cartel henchman Rosey Joe
Eels (Tiburon) Cobra Diver/ Team Leader husker85
Elias Knight Secret Service, Mystical Arts Defense drbindy
Elite Ice Viper Commander Ice Viper Officer Muskrat
Ellipsis CUTLASS Grenadier starviper
Elysian Royal Commando 1 Royal Guard drbindy
Elysian Royal Commando 2 Royal Guard drbindy
Emperor's Royal Vipers Serpentor's Personal Bodyguards KrymsynGard666
Endgame Sniper Element Leader raptor
Engraver US Secret Service past nastification
Envee Immortals Sniper alleyviperelite
Envy Alley Viper Elite alleyviperelite
Everglade Everglades swamp fighter theunknown
Executioner Mercenary raptor
Exit Wound Covert Ops/one man extraction team/Black Ops hypnoteyes
Exodus Reconnaissance and Surveillance bcost74
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