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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
F.R.O.G. (Forward Observation Recon Gunner) SEALbot The pros from Dover
Falcon Infantry Sharkbait
Falcon Communications Specialist Doc Rob
Falcon Green Beret Midgarn
Fast Draw Missile Ordinance Specialist Midgarn
Fast Track Battle Luge Driver bucky
Father Christmas Zombie Hunter gijoey
FEM-B.A.T Ver. 1 Battle Android Agentjh
FEM-B.A.T Ver. 2 Battle Cyborg Agentjh
Fifty Marine SRT Midgarn
Firefly Sabotage Expert alleyviperelite
Firefly Saboteur alleyviperelite
Firefly Saboteur danielb
Firefly Sabotage MUNDO
Firefly Saboteur spoclogik
Firefly Saboteur beav
Firefly Saboteur/Mercenary Midgarn
Firefly Cobra Saboteur The pros from Dover
Firefly Infiltration/ Sabotage / Assassin ghosts_04
Firewall Datastream Technician Midgarn
Firewall Mainframe's Protege Midgarn
Firewall Computer Specialist Kamakura
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Red Sox
Flash Experimental Weapons iwbeta
Flash Laser Trooper afsgtdoc
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