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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Falcon Night Force Squad Leader Jogunwarrior
Falcon ranger danielb
Falcon ranger danielb
Falcon 7 Falcon Force Director drbindy
Fallout Eco Warrior Containment Specialist Jogunwarrior
Farooq Bodyguard toy-nutz
Fast Draw Mobile Missile Attack Specialist bucky
Fast Draw Mega Marine Defense Mech Operator Jogunwarrior
Fast Track Battle Luge Driver bucky
Fastdraw Ordnance Jogunwarrior
Felino Jungle Trooper Jogunwarrior
Ferret D.E.M.O.N. Driver Pugsley
Firefly 25th Anniversary Pugsley
Firefly Sound Attack Sabatour bucky
Firefly Sonic Fighter Weapons Platform Commander Jogunwarrior
Firefly Sabotage Otto the Otter
Firefly Saboteur danielb
Firefly 30th Anniversary Pugsley
Firefly Sabotage bucky
Firefly Saboteur alleyviperelite
Firefly Saboteuer Jogunwarrior
First Aid Pararescue Jumper Jogunwarrior
Flagg Crewman Orinance, Crash and Salvage Otto the Otter
Flagg Crewman Aviation Fuels Otto the Otter
Flagg Crewman Flagg Crew Member Otto the Otter
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