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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ice Burn Polar Night Ops Lance Sputnik
Ice Burn Night Ops Eel Lance Sputnik
Ice Burn Cobra Opperative Lance Sputnik
Icebreaker Arctic Heavy Weapons Moto-Viper
Iceman 181st Serpents Grenedier iwbeta
ICS (formerly Ice Cream Soldier) Flamethrower Commando snowman_ejc
Ilyusha Oktober Guard Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Imagona Kikuras Personal Bodyguard Mainframe
Imber Ferro Lady at the King's Court drbindy
Imber Ferro Space Pirate drbindy
Incision Plague Ninja / Martial Arts Expert carnage717
Infared Plague Infantry / Body Guard carnage717
Inferno Flamethrower Mainframe
Inferno Immortals Flamethrower alleyviperelite
Infra-Viper S.N.A.K.E. II Operator Captain Tazer
Iron Anchor Iron Grenadier Frogmen lg
Iron Arm Mech Pilot Muskrat
Iron Cobra Commando Leader Kwinn_Lives
Iron Tex mk: 57 Lazy Kilcarr
Ironclad Dinobot Rider Mainframe
Ironhide Squadron Black Machine Gunner Jogunwarrior
Ironhide S.W.A.T. Mainframe
Ironsight Grenadier sgartz
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