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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Jack Ryan President of the United States DanOfTheDead
Jackhammer Hand to Hand Combat Kilcarr
Jail Break Breaking and Entry talldrkhansom
Jake Rockwell Centurion (Land Operations Expert) past nastification
James Bond Field Operative past nastification
James Bond 007 of Her Majesty`s Secret Service tigertank
James Bond Blunt Instrument raptor
James Bond - Madagascar surveillance British intelligence officer blaster_e11
James Bond from Special Boat Service HALO Jumper blaster_e11
James Bond, 007 Intelligence drbindy
James Gordon GCPD Police Chief icecreamman
Jamie (Mythbusters) (AT) Tech/Engineer drbindy
Jammer Action Force Communications Expert toy-nutz
Jammer Communications steve2477
Jay Garrick Golden Age Flash icecreamman
Jayne Cobb Mercenary, Smuggler (2nd version) drbindy
Jayne Cobb Smuggler, Mercenary drbindy
Jet Trooper Captain Cobra Air Guard Dayspring
Jill Valentine S.T.A.R.S. Operative Jin saotome
Jim Conti Cobra Trooper Keenan
Jin Saotome Mecha Pilot Jin saotome
Jinx Ninja Intelligence Veronica Mars
Jinx Ninja Cobra Command
Jinx Intelligence Stronox
Jinx G I Joe Ninja Oneforceleader
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