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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
L.K. The Vets Morgardee
Lady J Cover Ops - Infiltration - Bureaucratic Work buzzerbr
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Kwinn_Lives
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Tiger Boy
Lady Jaye Commando Team Covert Ops OreoBuilder
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Lance Sputnik
Lady Jaye Intelligence OreoBuilder
Lady Jaye Intelligence TR101AL
Lady Jaye Covert Operations Veronica Mars
Lady of Adventure Ancient Languages, Archeology toy-nutz
Lamprey Stealth Moray Pilot joemichaels70
Lana Kane Agent of Isis drbindy
Land Adventurer Jungle Specialist Ian
Land Adventurer Jungle Explorer toy-nutz
Land Adventurer Radiation Detection toy-nutz
Lara Croft Modern Adventurer drbindy
Lara Croft Explorer Lance Sputnik
Lars Angus Hendrix Heavy Weaponry drbindy
Laser Soldier Laser Weaponry Iron_Grenadier_Commander
Laser Viper Laser Trooper Phobus
Laserette Laser Trooper Blood Brigade
LAWN Viper Lone Automatic Weapon Negotiator joemichaels70
Leader 1 Delta Force team leader TR1ER
Leather Man Village People Force Member Ian
Leatherneck Tiger Force Jungle Expert Jogunwarrior
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