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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Lady of Adventure Ancient Languages, Archeology toy-nutz
Lady Sophia Dante Avalonian Paladin (Tales From the Fringe) drbindy
Lady Sophia Dante Paladin - Civilian Garb drbindy
Lazarus 181st Serpents Commander iwbeta
Le Fantôme Cat Burglar pluv
LEGION Warrior of the Underworld bcost74
Leonidas EXCAL Paladin drbindy
Leopardo Jungle Ops Anthropologist LeeMarvin80
Leviathan IG Officer seconded to Cobra starviper
Lia Sawakawa Body Guard Lance Sputnik
LIMEY British Intelligence Liason fredceegee
Liquidator Headman's Enforcer Mainframe
Lobo Dreadnok Undercover Mainframe
Lockjaw Infantry Jogunwarrior
Lone Star Operation CURE ibps
Long Haul Transportation and Logistics Jogunwarrior
Longhorn Black Brahma Driver beav
Longshot Urban Sniper raptor
LongShot Sniper SNAKE
Loobot Chrononaut Kilcarr
Lord Bradley Von Harvard III Megalomaniac Lance Sputnik
Lord Demetrius Cornua First Sword of Avalon drbindy
Lord Startower Avalonian Minister of Justice drbindy
Lotus Banzai's Daughter / Jinx's Apprentice alleyviperelite
Lt. Abigail LaRoche Science Officer drbindy
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