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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
M.A.R.S. AIR B.A.T. Iron Grenadier/M.A.R.S. Jetpack B.A.T. bcost74
Mac Computer Graphic Design Poody2
Mac (Self Custom) Not your average Joe-ette MacGyver
Mace Undercover Operative Pyre
Machete Dreadnok Thug LeeMarvin80
Mad Dog Transport and Communications Specialist icecreamman
Madame Vail Femme Fatale Veronica Mars
Mainframe Computer specialist Keenan
Mainframe Special Mission Brazil turner
Major Altitude Experimental Aircraft Pilot LeeMarvin80
Major Barrage Artillery / Fitness Instructor Iron Will
Major Bludd Cobra Mercenary Tunnel Rat
Major Bludd Mercenary, Cobra Field Commander DavAnthony
Major Bludd Mercenary actionjoe77
Major Bludd Mercenary Tunnel Rat
Major Bludd Mercenary carnage717
Major Bludd Mecenary toy-nutz
Major Chip Hazard Leader of the Commando Elite DanOfTheDead
Major Demming Cobra Infantry Commander past nastification
Major Dutch Schaefer Android Warrior Jin saotome
Major Kunze Cobra Field Officer FNAadventures
Major Storm General Driver icecreamman
Mal Reynolds Smuggler/Browncoat drbindy
Man of Action Spy Island Infiltration Kilcarr
Mangler Dreadnok Pyre
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