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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Mac (Self Custom) Not your average Joe-ette MacGyver
Madame Masque Villain Poody2
Madame Vail Femme Fatale Veronica Mars
Magnum Annie All-Terrain Vehicle Driver Doc Rob
Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury Fighter icecreamman
Major Demming Cobra Infantry Commander past nastification
Major Samantha Carter SG1 (desert ops) Lance Sputnik
Mamba Stormshadow's Apprentice Spin Doctor
Mara Eel (genetically modified) past nastification
Mara Amphibious Trooper Veronica Mars
Mara Hydro Viper Experiment 001 Sharkbait
Maria Hill SHIELD Agent / Avengers Liason joemichaels70
Maria Hill S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and sometimes babysitter pluv
Maria Hill Agent of SHIELD Lance Sputnik
Marrina AF: Underwater Specialist joemichaels70
Mary Jane Watson Spidey's Gal drbindy
Mary Marvel Superhero unknownsoldier13
Maya Logan Mechanic at Big Papa's drbindy
Mayday Urban Warfare Specialist Midgarn
Mayday Markswoman Veronica Mars
Mayday Urban Warfare (SCUBA Uniform) Midgarn
Mayday Urban Warfare Fozzie
Medusa Trooper Baroness' personal soldiers toy-nutz
Melina Havelok and Max Vengeful daughter Lance Sputnik
Mellybee Navy Wife Wolfman
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