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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Oddball Tanker beav
Oktober Guard Greenshirts Infantry ZombieGuide
Old School Subversive Operations Specialist Jogunwarrior
Onslaught Cobra Combat Leader Kwinn_Lives
Onyx Phoenix Guard Agent alleyviperelite
Open Bolt Machine Gunner past nastification
Orange Cream Soldier Object of Cobra Ridicule LobsterOverlord
Orlovsky The Human Cannonball Kambei
Orlovsky Freedom Fighter, Circus Performer past nastification
Ortega Mercenary LIVEVIL
Otara Mercenary LIVEVIL
Outback Scout Leader Tim 121RVC
Outback Survivalist Grand Slam
Outback Survivalist Jogunwarrior
Outback Survivalist Kamakura
Outback Sr. Vietnam Survival Specialist spaincustoms
Outlaw Transport Driver Veronica Mars
Overboard Devil Sharc Pilot bucky
Overkill BAT Commander sgcaper
Overlord Coil Field Commander Kwinn_Lives
Overseer Crimson Guard Commandant beav
Ox Dreadnok gang member kramer 70
Oxpecker Pilot Oxpecker (RHINO Helicopter) Pilot beav
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