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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Panday Blacksmith icecreamman
Panther Infiltration Expert LeeMarvin80
Panther EXCAL Paladin Knight drbindy
Pathfinder Jungle Warfare Specialist LeeMarvin80
Pathfinder Jungle Assault Specialist/Recon DavAnthony
Pathfinder Jungle Trooper nighthawk
Pathfinder Jungle Assault Specialist Veronica Mars
Patient Zero The First Infected DanOfTheDead
Paul L4D: Doctor DanOfTheDead
Percy Ajax Series 01 - Pirate Hunter drbindy
Petoskey Northwoods Trailblazer KrushViper
Phantom Limb Venture Bros. Super Villain pluv
Phoenix Wolf squad member CNK01
Pit Bull Military High Security Prison Captian Oneforceleader
Polar Claw Arctic Tracker CNK01
Poody2 Pit Security Poody2
Prof. Positron "City of Heroes" Defender of Paragon DanOfTheDead
Professor Amijaan Patel Bio-Cyberneticist Oneforceleader
Professor Snako Science Shortpacked
Proto-Bio-Vipers Genetically Engineered Soldiers DanOfTheDead
Protoman Reploid Warrior Jin saotome
Prowl SWAT Supercop Pyre
Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare elgoodo
Psyche-Out Psychological Warfare HypnoHustler
Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare and Therapist DavAnthony
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