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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Patient Zero The First Infected DanOfTheDead
Percival Paracelsus Mad Scientist Kilcarr
Pete Periwig Toupee of the Dead sgcaper
Peter Jones Embedded Reporter sgcaper
Peter Mayhew Chewbacca Lance Sputnik
PFC Armless Casualty of the undead sgcaper
PFC Deadeyes Casualty of the undead sgcaper
Pierre Mime Killer Extraordinaire sgcaper
Pilot Nason: Call Sign: Stormavik Jungle Pilot sgcaper
Pilot Nason: Call sign: Stormavik Jungle Pilot sgcaper
Pink Caddy Lance Sputnik
Pink Eye Dreadnok (Canada) Lance Sputnik
Pirate Dan Pirate of the Damned sgcaper
Pirate Peregrine Falconer to Captain Dougal Cullen sgcaper
Plumb Discordians : Medical Doctor, R & D joemichaels70
Popeye The Sailor Man joemichaels70
Power Girl Super human Lance Sputnik
Professor Appel Crimson Guard Lance Sputnik
Professor Latex Anthropologist Lance Sputnik
Project 84 Blackout Night Sniper raptor
Proto-Bio-Vipers Genetically Engineered Soldiers DanOfTheDead
Psyche-Out Joe PSYOPs Officer sgcaper
Psyche-Out Psy-Ops Vanishing Point
Psyche-Out Psychological Warfare Lance Sputnik
Putin Mercenary Lance Sputnik
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