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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Preyng Cobra La Mutant Assassin Hive_Viper
Pythona Cobra-La Assassin Kambei
Pythona Cobra-La assassin Ian
Pythona Infiltration PoetFlint
Pythona Cobra La Intelligence carnage717
Pythona Serpentor's Consort Dayspring
Pythona Courtesan of Cobra-La a.dream.deferred
PYTHONA Cobra-La Agent GITrekker
Pythona Cobra-La Dryhawk37
Pythona Cobra-La Assassin past nastification
Pythona Cobra La Intelligence celtys
Pythona Cobra La Emissary Vanishing Point
Pythona Cobra-La Assassin Salamandrium
Pythona Cobra-La Intelligence TR101AL
Pythona Golobulus Assassin russdawg
Pythona High Priestess of Cobra-La Kambei
Pythona Infiltration/Intelligence Sgt.Rican
Pythona Cobra La carnage717
Pythona Cobra-La Spy TheBortster
Pythona Chomo Lungma Assassin Sharkbait
Pythona Messenger of Golobulus simbalivs
Pythona assassin xave
Pythona Cobra-La Stealth Assassin Tiger Boy
Pythona Cobra-La Assassin alleyviperelite
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