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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Pack Rat Post Apocalyptic Scavenger indrox1
Paladin Homeland Security Advisor Joeczar
Pallet Loadmaster Midgarn
Pallon Urban assault Liquidation-d
Panther Vigilante Force My Generation Toys
Papa G Driver dakullprt
Para-Viper Paratrooper Jogunwarrior
Patch Medic OreoBuilder
Pathfinder Jungle Tourist... I mean trooper Pugsley
Pathfinder Jungle Trooper sgartz
Patriot Infantry Squad Leader She-Can
Peel Out Desert Fox Driver pluv
Phantom Pilot sgartz
Philippine National Police Special Action Force Commando icecreamman
Phillip J Frye Planetary Express First Mate joemichaels70
Pierre de la Croix Infantry / Urban Combat / Hand-to-Hand Combat TARGAT
Pin-Up Swamp Boat Pilot Dusty79
Pirate Admiral DeLeon Pirate... Admiral drbindy
Plamer MP Military Police mrgreedo
PMC-4: Name: Classified Private Military Contractor sgcaper
Pog supply danielb
Pointblank LRRP sgartz
POLAR BEAR Oktober Guard Arctic Specialist GITrekker
Ponch CHiPs Mercer
Pooch Pilot joemichaels70
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