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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Paige Adams Undercover Operations Cobra Commander
Pale Peony Ninja past nastification
Pallet Loadmaster Midgarn
Pantero Headhunters Bodyguard alleyviperelite
Pathfinder Jungle Warfare/Survival MUNDO
Pathogen Bio-Viper Zombie The pros from Dover
Payload NASA Flightsuit Midgarn
Payload Astronaut past nastification
Payload Astronaut Midgarn
PFC Daryn A. Marshall Parachute Rigger/ Paratrooper airborne4584
Phantom Land Ops Navy S.E.A.L. The pros from Dover
Phones Q Force Sonar Officer Fozzie
Phones Sonar Officer mshadow
Pierce Python Patrol Pointman alleyviperelite
Piggy IronKlad Outlaw alleyviperelite
Pipesnake Cobra Plumber Scrap-Iron
Piranha Navy SEAL HALO Jumper/Diver The pros from Dover
Poison Communications Officer Sharkbait
Portia Dreadnok Pirate Crew Diver alleyviperelite
Poseidon U.S. Navy S.E.A.L., Maritime Commando The pros from Dover
Pox Viper "Frass" and Slow Roll & Talent Show Biological Warfare & Patient Zero Monkeys past nastification
Professor Gangrene Mad Scientist (Council of Doom) past nastification
Professor Saument Holographic Suit Inventor past nastification
PrometheusX Infantry Sharkbait
Protege Future Head of Cobra mshadow
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