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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Raid Infiltration and Espionage Kilcarr
Raio Laser Infantry and Electronic Weapons Trooper1418
Rambo Code Name: Lone Wolf JoeFan
Rampage Ranger LeeMarvin80
Rampage Rawhide Vehicle Driver bucky
Rampart Coastline Defender LeeMarvin80
Rampart Shoreline Defender nighthawk
Range Viper Wilderness Specialist kalibus
Ransack Troublemaker Driver icecreamman
Raptor Tax Accountant, Bird Enthusiest iwbeta
Raptor Undead Sharkbait
Ravage Dreadnok Enforcer B.A.Tarang
Raven SparrowHawk Pilot DanOfTheDead
Razor Biker brawler DanOfTheDead
Reaper Cobra Merc Pyre
Reaper Leader of the outlaws dodger619
Reaper S.E.A.L. Team Commander dbmills1
Reaver Dreadnok LeeMarvin80
Rebel Intelligence/ vehicle driver and mechanic TR101AL
Recoil Long Range Recon Patrol Infantryman DavAnthony
Recondo Jungle Trooper Spin Doctor
Recondo Jungle Trooper kalibus
Recondo Tiger Force Jungle Trooper Pyre
Recondo Jungle Specialist DavAnthony
Red Cobra Mechanic War282008
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