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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Raid Infiltration and Espionage Kilcarr
Railspike GI Joe Train Engineer OreoBuilder
Rampart Arctic Defender Lance Sputnik
Rampart Urban Defender Lance Sputnik
Range Viper Cobra Survival Experts sgcaper
Range Viper Wilderness Trooper OreoBuilder
Range Viper: Hellion Long Term Survival sgcaper
Range Viper: Muerto South American Long Term Survival Expert sgcaper
Range Viper: Viking Long Term Survival sgcaper
Raptor CPA Lance Sputnik
Recondo Jungle Trooper Lance Sputnik
Recondo Jungle recon Vanishing Point
Recondo Jungle Survival Expert sgcaper
Recondo MIA Lance Sputnik
Red Dragon Paratrooper sgcaper
Red Hood Assassin Kilcarr
Red Hood Crime Fighter joemichaels70
Red Jackal Hyena Tank Battalion Commander Vanishing Point
Red Jackal Hyena Driver OreoBuilder
Red Laser Laser Specialist sgcaper
Red Laser Commander Leader of the Red Lasers joemichaels70
Red Ravage Baroness' Personal Protection joemichaels70
Red Spot Laser Trooper OreoBuilder
Red Terror Heavy Machine Gunner sgcaper
Red the Dead Rouge Undead Contract Killer sgcaper
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