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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Race Bannon Asset Protection past nastification
Raganok Mercenary iwbeta
Raider US Navy SEAL VBSS (Visit Board Seach Seize) The pros from Dover
Rampage Assault Trooper past nastification
Rampage SKAR Affiliate HypnoHustler
Rampart Shoreline Defender Midgarn
Rancid IronKlad Destroyer alleyviperelite
Rapid Fire Fast Attack Trooper iwbeta
Raptor Navy SEAL Night Ops HALO Jumper The pros from Dover
Raptor Viper Python Patrol Glider Pilot Midgarn
Raptor Viper Glider Pilot Midgarn
Rat Bite Swamp Rat Commander past nastification
Rat Rod Dreadnok Mechanic alleyviperelite
Razorclaw Immortals Hand to Hand Combat alleyviperelite
Rebar Alley Viper Immortal Commander The pros from Dover
Recoil Recon/Pathfinder Electric_Knight
Recondo Jungle Warfare iwbeta
Recondo Jungle Chuckles
Recondo Valor vs Venom Jungle Fighter OreoBuilder
Recondo Jungle Troop MUNDO
Red ANT Hazardous Environment Android The pros from Dover
Red Dog Renegade russdawg
Red Dog Mean Guy/Slaughterhouse Liason alleyviperelite
Red Jackal Hyena Driver Fozzie
Red Jackal Cyborg/Covert Ops zedhatch
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