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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Salvo Heavy weapons expert and vehicle repai Keenan
Salvo JvC Update Greymalkin
Salvo Missile Specialist iwbeta
Salvo Anti-Armor Trooper fire the fly
Salvo GI Joe Heavy Artillery Expert Liftoff
Salvo Aircraft Destroyer alleyviperelite
Salvo Vehicle Destroyer alleyviperelite
Salvo Anti-Armor MUNDO
Salvo Heavy Weapons danielb
Samus Aran Metroid Hero ibps
Sanction Infiltration/Assassination narceron
Sand Rat Desert Warfare Specialist past nastification
Sand Scorpi-ettes Desert Trooper yjagg
Sand/Range Vipers Hostile environment warfare (mountain/desert) blaster_e11
Sandrail Desert Fast Attack Driver raptor
Sandstorm Desert Soldier alleyviperelite
Sandstorm Desert Navy S.E.A.L. The pros from Dover
SAS Trooper Fodder Trooper Marasai
Satan Assassin MUNDO
Satan Cobra Ninja fire the fly
Satan Ninja Fozzie
SAW Viper Immortal Elite Urban Heavy Weapons The pros from Dover
Scanner Media Surveillance Midgarn
Scarab U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Combat Diver, Desert Camo The pros from Dover
Scarlett Counter-Intelligence Midgarn
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