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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
T'Jbang Infantry / Martial Arts Swordsman sgcaper
T'Jbang Ninja! erspears
T.A.R.G.A.T. Orbital Assault Jin saotome
T.N.T. Bomb Deactivator DanOfTheDead
Tankblast Anti-Armor Specialist past nastification
Taurus Renegade 25th Style Oneforceleader
Tech Viper Systems Operator Dayspring
Techno Viper Desert Extreme Technician idz bowl
Techno Viper Battlefield Technician kalibus
Tele Viper Communications a.dream.deferred
Tele-Viper Communications Specialist Sgt Humpty
Tempest Ghost Ninja icecreamman
The Black Major Second in Command, Red Shadows Kambei
The Black Major Combat control Dark Horse
The Black Sergeant Shadowdrome officer Dark Horse
The Cat Escape Artist past nastification
The Comedian Infantry The Leader
The Dante Beast Mercenary Dark Horse
The Doctor 9th Doctor Who drbindy
The Fridge Joe Trainer dodge822
The Happy Couple Action Figure Cake Toppers DanOfTheDead
The Killer World's Greatest Assassin and Villain DanOfTheDead
The Most Interesting Man In The World Dos Equis Mascot DanOfTheDead
The Piper Iron Grenadier Trainer Sharkbait
The Preacher Fanatic/Zealot (Avalon verse) drbindy
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