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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Tank Vipers Tank Commanders tristanx
Tele-Viper Driver Soundwave Driver Matthew
The Shocker Dune buggy racer pluv
The Wraith back from the grave 2DARK2C
Thrasher Vehicle Driver bcost74
Thrasher Driver MUNDO
Thrasher Thunder Machine Driver Veronica Mars
Thrasher Thundermachine Driver Iron Will
Thrasher Dreadnok knomadd
Throttle Recon Sled Driver Dusty79
Thump Tank Commander beav
Thunder Slugger Operator Vanishing Point
Thunder Slugger Driver sgartz
Thunder Slugger Driver icecreamman
Timbit Delivery Driver
Timbit Delivery Driver (Sigma 6)
Toll Booth Combat Engineer Vanishing Point
Tollbooth Bridge Layer Driver Spin Doctor
Totem Fort America Driver Mainframe
Track Viper H.I.S.S. 2 Driver Phobus
Track-Viper Armored Vehicle Operator iwbeta
Track-Viper HISS Tank Driver - Armor Division jldubbya515
Tread head Faulkner Group Tank Driver Phobus
Treds Mobile Armor harlie
Trust Fund Storm Eagle Pilot past nastification
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