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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Taarna Heavy Metal Warrior Queen Mr Nobody
Talon Stealth Tactics chad_ghost
Talyn Desert ops specialist/ Mideast OPS expert Blakwulf
Tatyana Assault Team Commander Doc Rob
Tayla Emagan Ethosian Lance Sputnik
Tele-Viper Communications Specialist Sgt Humpty
Tele-Viper Communications harlie
Tele-Viperette Communications Officer yjagg
Tele-Vypress Communications XR5
Telson Cobra Operative Phobus
The Adventuress Treasure Hunter Doc Rob
The Baroness Intelligence Officer/ Diver husker85
The Black Sergeant Shadowdrome officer Dark Horse
The Blonde Infiltration & Intelligence ibps
The Bride Cobra Assassin alleyviperelite
The Crow Anti-Hero ronin
The Jade Empress Jade Dragon Army Leader toy-nutz
The Telina Rose Revolutionary drbindy
The Ventriloquist Batman's Rogue pluv
The Warrior Queen Kingdom of Elysia's Ruler drbindy
The Widowmaker EXCAL Paladin Commando (v.2) drbindy
The Widowmaker EXCAL agent/Paladin Knight in Training drbindy
Tidal Demoness of the Deep Metro
Tifa Lockhart FF7 Advent Children Movie Version TeknoKyo
Tigress Strategic Reconnaissance Mainframe
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