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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
T-Bird Dreadnok Bodyguard alleyviperelite
T.O.A.D. (Tactical Observation Assualt Droid) SEALbot The pros from Dover
Takedown S.W.A.T. Team Sniper The pros from Dover
Talon Airborne Range Viper The pros from Dover
Tatyana Assault Team Commander Doc Rob
Taurus Night Force / Tiger Force / Steel Brigade Midgarn
Taurus Sgt. Slaughter's demolition specialist alleyviperelite
Taurus Renegade russdawg
Tele-Viper Cobra Communications pbarny
Tele-Viperette Communications Officer yjagg
Tele-Vypress Communications XR5
Tempest Weather Manipulator past nastification
Tengu Venomized Ninja ibps
The Adventuress Treasure Hunter Doc Rob
The Black Major Infantry Commander Fozzie
The Blonde Infiltration & Intelligence ibps
The Bride Cobra Assassin alleyviperelite
The Demolitionist Destruction Specialist DrachenWulf
The Doc Z Force Medic Fozzie
The Fridge JOE Team Trainer narceron
the old man espionage danielb
The Old Man S.W.A.T. Team Commander The pros from Dover
The Outsiders Plague Mercenaries Hall and Nash alleyviperelite
The Phantasm Veangeful Spectre, The Complete Gotham part 2 ben1138
The Shredder Ninja Crime Lord with pointy clothing ben1138
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