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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
V Commander Alien Visitor with Lizard head bcost74
Valkyrie Wet Works & Counter Intelligence Lone Wolfe
Valkyrie Sniper snowman_ejc
Valkyrie (Redux) Intelligence snowman_ejc
Vanessa Warfield Cobra Officer past nastification
Vanessa Warfield V.E.N.O.M. Villainess DanOfTheDead
Vanguard Plague Infantryman carnage717
Vapor Cobra Hurricane VTOL Pilot The Leader
Vector Plague Laser Trooper carnage717
Velocity Plague Infantry / Air Expert carnage717
Veronica Mars Private Investigator Veronica Mars
Vesper Lynd EXCAL operative; diver; former MI-5 drbindy
Vigilante Vigilante icecreamman
Vincent Blight Sniper member of The Outlaws dodger619
Vindictor New leader of the Dreadnoks customgijoes
Viper POC Cobra Infantry KrushViper
Viper Cobra Crimson Strike Team CobraCrimson
Viper Elite Trooper a.dream.deferred
Viper Commandos Special Ops Infantry C_Money_Collins
Viper, Resolute Infantry Pyre
Virus Computers Specialist Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Volcano-Viper Commander Unit Commander, Enviromental Scientist GITrekker
Volcano-Viper Officer Enemy Officer GITrekker
Volga Weapons Expert Veronica Mars
Voltar General DavAnthony
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