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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
W.O.R.M.S. Maggot Commander sgcaper
Walter Skorpinok United States Amassador to Colombia Lance Sputnik
Warpath Tracker HypnoHustler
Wasp Crime Fighter aka Janet VanDyne joemichaels70
Weaponsmith Red Shadows Weapons Designer Vanishing Point
Wendigo Cannibal Kilcarr
Wet-Suit SEAL HypnoHustler
Wet-Suit Land Gear SEAL HypnoHustler
Wetsuit Battle Corps SEAL OreoBuilder
Wetsuit SEAL OreoBuilder
Widescope SWAT Specialist OreoBuilder
Wild Bill Air Cavalry Vanishing Point
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot Dusty79
Wild Bill Battle Corps Helicopter Pilot OreoBuilder
Wild Mindweasel Pilot Lance Sputnik
Wild Weasel Cobra Pilot sgcaper
Wild Weasel Pilot Lance Sputnik
Wild Weasel Night Raven Pilot Lance Sputnik
Winchester Adventurer Kilcarr
Wingman G.I. Jeff Mutineer DanOfTheDead
Wolfgang Schraff a.k.a. Schädelmaske Storm Trooper Interrogator sgcaper
WORMS MAGGOT Commander Vanishing Point
Wraith Mercenary Kilcarr
Wreckage Demolitions OreoBuilder
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