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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
W.O.R.M.S. Armored Vehicle Commanders iwbeta
WarDuke Horned Society Hunter themendoz
Warpath Evil Tribal brother of Spirit Iron-Knife The pros from Dover
Weapons Wench Holder of Custom Weapons The pros from Dover
Weaponsmith Weapons development mshadow
Wet Suit S.E.A.L. iwbeta
Wet Suit Underwater Specialist alleyviperelite
Wet Suit S.E.A.L. ("Dry" Fatigues) Midgarn
Wet Suit S.E.A.L. SNAKE
Wetwork Black Ops Spin Doctor
Whisper Black Dragon Clan Commander Oneforceleader
Whisper "Liquidator" past nastification
Whisper Viper Elite Cobra Commando The pros from Dover
White-Out U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Arctic Sniper The pros from Dover
Whiteout Arctic Trooper Fozzie
Widescope Urban Tactics/Canine Handler alleyviperelite
Wild Bill Chopper Pilot MUNDO
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot alleyviperelite
Wild Boar Razorback Driver Midgarn
Wild Star cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Guitarist Mainframe
Wild Weasel BTR Pilot chad_ghost
Wild Weasel Air Commodore and Pilot starviper
Wild Weasel Cobra Pilot alleyviperelite
Wilder Vaughn Commander john_mounier
Wilder Vaughn Baron Ironblood, Red Shadows Leader alleyviperelite
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