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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
War Zone Mech Pilot/technician Jin saotome
Waverider Night Striker Pilot Mainframe
Weasel Cobra Aces beav
Wedge Fighter Pilot Otto the Otter
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot alleyviperelite
Wild Bill Tiger Force Helicopter Pilot StevieSNLD
Wild Bill Tiger Fly Pilot iwbeta
Wild Bill Cartoon Version TheBortster
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot LIVEVIL
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot sgartz
Wild Bill Civilian Contractor/Pilot (EXCAL) drbindy
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot jlw515
Wild Bill Air Cavalry scout ('92 style) G.I.JAC
Wild Bill Chopper Pilot MUNDO
Wild Bill Helicoptor Pilot ZombieGuide
Wild Bill Dragonfly Pilot Tunnel Rat
Wild Bill Rotary-Wing Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot Grand Slam
Wild Bill Air Cavalry Vanishing Point
Wild Bill Air Cav Pilot SOCOM 6
Wild Bill Air Cavalry/Texas Ranger pbarny
Wild Bill Helicoptor Pilot Air Cavalry sgcaper
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot mshadow
Wild Bill Helicopter Pilot Stronox
Wild Bill Air Cavalry Scout icecreamman
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