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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ultimate Baron Intelligence Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Big Boa Cobra Trainer Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Cobra Commander Cobra Leader Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Destro Weapons Designer / Supplier Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Firefly Sabotage / Infiltration Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Gen. Bludhawk Mercenary / Armor Division Commander Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Nemesis Cobra Bodyguard / Enforcer Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Overkill B.A.T.s Commander Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Raptor Shaman / Warrior Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Royal Guardsman Elite Troops Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Scrap-Iron Tank Destroyer/ Weapons Designer Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Serpentor Cobra General Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Storm Shadow Cobra Martial Artist Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Zartan Master of Disquise / Thief Scrap-Iron
Ultra Viper Survivalist/Infiltrator Phobus
Ultra-Viper Commander Ultra-Viper Commanding Officer GITrekker
Under Control Laboratory Control TARGAT
Under Operation Laboratory Operator TARGAT
Undercover Chet Infiltration Specialist Rich Borosky
Undercover Girl Covert Operations Blood Brigade
Undertow Frogman Frenchie
Unknown Viper AWOL Viper/Swamp Survivalist sgcaper
Urban Assault Viper Urban Warfare CPLenger
Urban Assault Viper Commander Urban Operations bcost74
Urban Assault Viper Trooper Urban Operations bcost74
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