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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
NAC Bird Night Attack Chopper Pilot TARGAT
NAC Pilot Night Attack Chopper Pilot TARGAT
Narhari 21st Century Joe Team Tracker Electric_Knight
Nash Subversive Operations ToneGuns
Nathaniel Faireborn Old Heroes Never Die Dayspring
Native American Village People Force Member Ian
Navy Frogman 50th Anniversary Navy Frogman OreoBuilder
Ned Flanders Steel Brigade Delta Simpsons Crossover Dusty79
Needles Para-Rescue Heavy Fire Support Officer The pros from Dover
Neptune U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Maritime Commando Sniper The pros from Dover
Nevada Rushmore (with Snarl) Research & Development past nastification
Night Fall Blackout Recon/Marksman Oneforceleader
Night Force Sgt. Slaughter NF Drill Instructor StevieSNLD
Night Force Tundra Stalker Tundra Ranger StevieSNLD
Night Fox AWE Striker Driver/SEAL past nastification
Night Fox Sniper and Voodoo Specialist Aca1raven2002
Night Fox Desert Ops LeeMarvin80
Night Fox Ninja Combat Cruiser Driver pluv
Night Fox SEAL Jogunwarrior
Night Fox Navy SEAL blackrazor1
Night Fox Duke's Dirty Dozen Vehicle Driver OreoBuilder
Night Fox Navy SEAL Kwinn_Lives
Night Hawk Feild Commander skyknight
Night Hawk Commander-Special Task Force skyknight
Night Stalker Night Trooper G.I.joe Black Cobra Commander
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