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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abutre Negro Air Commander raptor
Accelerator M.A.R.S. Interceptor Driver Phobus
Aegis Zero Gravity Warfare Phobus
Alexander McCullen Iron Grenedier Field Officer iwbeta
Alexander McCullen Destro's Son john_mounier
Alexander McCullen Iron Grenadier General FireFly
Alexander McCullen Destro's Heir Fozzie
Alexander McCullen Destro's Son carnage717
Alexander McCullen Destro XXV Dayspring
Alexander McCullen Destro's Son RBWATSON
Alexander McCullen Of The Clan McCullen joemichaels70
Alexander McCullen Iron Grenadier Commander alleyviperelite
Alexander McCullen (Destro) Lord of the McCullens russdawg
Alexander McCullen Destro Destro's Son Burn Rourk
Alexander McCullen Destro Destro's Son mshadow
Alexander McCullen Destro Iron Grenadier General/Destro's Son Kamakura
Alexander McCullen, Son of Destro Arms Dealer ben1138
Alexandra 'Armada' McCullen Destro's Duaghter theunknown
Annihilator Grenadier Leader Arashikage
Annihilator Iron Grenadiers Elite Trooper Grand Slam
Annihilator Destro's Personal Bodyguard theunknown
Annihilator Destro's Shock Trooper Exulted Unicron
Annihilator Elite Multi-Environment Assault Trooper C Urbach
Annihilator Heli-Assault Trooper Sgt Humpty
Annihilator Destro's Elite Trooper russdawg
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