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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ice Grenadier Destro's Snow Trooper rzubr72
Ice Pick Illusions SlaughterRocks
ICS (formerly Ice Cream Soldier) Flamethrower Commando snowman_ejc
IG Iron Guard Destros Personal Gaurd Oneforceleader
IGS-1 Iron Grenadier Supreme Oneforceleader
India Queen Body Guard Sharkbait
Iron Anchor Iron Grenadier Frogmen lg
Iron Anvil Iron Grenadier Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
Iron Anvils I.G. Paratroopers FireFly
Iron Assult Trooper IG Assult Squad Trooper Oneforceleader
Iron Ballidier Iron Ballidier Soldier nova
Iron Barron Iron Grenadiers Assult Squad Leader Oneforceleader
Iron Blaze Iron Grenadier Flamethrower Tim 121RVC
Iron CLAWs Combat Light Armored Weapons Specialists Jogunwarrior
Iron F.I.S.T. Annihilator Elite Iron F.I.S.T. Commando General Hawk
Iron Grenadier Destro's Infantry Soilder DavAnthony
Iron Grenadier M.A.R.S. Foot Soldier Sharkbait
Iron Grenadier Weapons Testing & Development XR5
Iron Grenadier Destro Infantry Sharkbait
Iron Grenadier M.A.R.S. Military Arm Turbo_Magnus
Iron Grenadier Chemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare Turbo_Magnus
Iron Grenadier Typhon Class CDR
Iron Grenadier Iron Grenadier Infantry Trooper theunknown
Iron Grenadier Destro's Infantry Professor Skull
Iron Grenadier Heavy Weapons / Machine Gunner joemichaels70
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