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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Iron Grenadier Commander Field Commander Kamakura
Iron Grenadier Commander Commander of Iron Grenadiers russdawg
Iron Grenadier Commanders Destro's Commanders Python Viper
Iron Grenadier Commando Destro's Special Forces OreoBuilder
Iron Grenadier Elite Destro's Elite Shocktroopers kaworu
Iron Grenadier High Command Destro's highest ranking trooper dubq
Iron Grenadier Infantry Officer Infantry Commander Sgt Humpty
Iron Grenadier Infantryman Infantry Trooper Sgt Humpty
Iron Grenadier Inquisitor Interrogation/Investigation Vanishing Point
Iron Grenadier Kyudojin Iron Grenadier Samurai sgcaper
Iron Grenadier Mercenaries Destro's Mercenaries Python Viper
Iron Grenadier Metal Head Anti-Armor sgcaper
Iron Grenadier Officer Battlefield Leadership sgcaper
Iron Grenadier Officers Iron Grenadiers Commanding Officers DREMEL
Iron Grenadier Pilot Pilot Python Viper
Iron Grenadier Standard Bearer Honor Guard G.I.JAC
Iron Grenadier Trooper Battlefield Warriors sgcaper
Iron Grenadier Trooper Destro's Army OreoBuilder
Iron Grenadier Urban Assault Troopers Urban Assault Python Viper
Iron Grenadiers Destro's Elite Troops OreoBuilder
Iron Grenadiers Commander Destro's Elite Troopers simbalivs
Iron Grenadiers Heavy Weapons Officer Heavy Weapons / Zombie Eradication sgcaper
Iron Grenadiers S.H.O.C.K. Pilots Pilot joemichaels70
Iron Grenadiers Troop Elite Troop of Destro pbazzarella
Iron Grenadiers: Heavy Weapons Sergeant Heavy Weapons / Zombie Eradication sgcaper
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