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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
U-turn Tiger Sting driver Tim 121RVC
U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. Terrorist joemichaels70
Udo Mercenary Lance Sputnik
UFO Alien Invader Kambei
Ultimate Baron Intelligence Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Baron Helmut Zemo Scientific Mastermind iwbeta
Ultimate Beetle Power Armor Operator iwbeta
Ultimate Big Boa Cobra Trainer Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Black Knight Armored Warrior iwbeta
Ultimate Chameleon Master of Disguise iwbeta
Ultimate Cobra Commander Cobra Leader Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Destro Weapons Designer / Supplier Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Destro Purple Rain Destro : resurrection 2DARK2C
Ultimate Firefly Sabotage / Infiltration Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Gen. Bludhawk Mercenary / Armor Division Commander Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Moonstone SHIELD Psychologist iwbeta
Ultimate Nemesis Cobra Bodyguard / Enforcer Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Overkill B.A.T.s Commander Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Raptor Shaman / Warrior Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Royal Guardsman Elite Troops Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Scrap-Iron Tank Destroyer/ Weapons Designer Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Serpentor Cobra General Scrap-Iron
Ultimate Skurge Executioner of Asgard iwbeta
Ultimate Snake Eyes Commando Faust
Ultimate Storm Shadow Cobra Martial Artist Scrap-Iron
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