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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Foothold SWAT Ranger Pyre
Frostbite Battle Corps Arctic Soldier OreoBuilder
General Hawk Battle Corps Commander OreoBuilder
GI Joe Team Founder OreoBuilder
Grunt Basic Training Uniform OreoBuilder
Headhunters Headman's Narcotics Guards OreoBuilder
Heli-Viper Cobra Battle Corps Helicopter Pilot OreoBuilder
Ice Cream Soldier Battle Corps Flamethrower OreoBuilder
Ice Cream Soldier Chemical Assault trooper Vanishing Point
Ice Cream Soldier Flame-broiling Commando IronHeadRat
Iceberg Battle Corps Arctic Trooper OreoBuilder
Leatherneck Battle Corps Marine OreoBuilder
Long Range Battle Corps Thunderpunch Driver Jogunwarrior
Mace Undercover Operative HypnoHustler
Mace Undercover Operative UncleHappy
Mace DEF Agent OreoBuilder
Muskrat Mega Marine Assault Specialist Jogunwarrior
Mutt & Junkyard DEF K-9 Agent OreoBuilder
Night Creeper Commander Ninja Master Pyre
Night Creeper Leader Battle Night Creeper Leader OreoBuilder
Power-Drive Crew Chief / Engineer (Astronaut) hawkeyehicks
Quick Kick Battle Corps Silent Weapons Expert Jogunwarrior
Recondo Jungle Trooper SNAKE
Red Dog Battle Corps Infantry Jogunwarrior
Ripcord Battle Corps HALO Jumper Jogunwarrior
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