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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bonkers Cold Slither Patrick A. Riley
Bravestarr Sheriff icecreamman
Breaker Communications (Sunbow style) MacGyver
Breaker Communications Sharkbait
Breaker Field Communications Vanishing Point
Brock Sampson OSI Agent sgcaper
Brock Samson Bodyguard / Mercenary Iron Will
Brock Samson Body Guard/Secret Agent pluv
Bruce Sato Mechanical Engineer sgcaper
Bulletproof Leader of C.O.P.S. snowman_ejc
Buzzer DreadKop - Worlds Without End parts 1 and 2 bcost74
Casey Jones Crime Fighter icecreamman
Chip Private Investigator/former National Park DanOfTheDead
Chuckles Internal Affairs Vanishing Point
Cobra Commander Cold Slither backer bcost74
Cobra Commander Commander-in-Chief (in reptile man form) past nastification
Cobra Commander Cobra Leader in Diving Gear Blood Brigade
Cobra Soldier cartoon Series Paco76
Col Bluegrass Silver Hawk pilot Robulus
Col. Slash Criminal Operations Firebert
Colonel Sharpe GI Joe Commander past nastification
Cotton Hill Colonel in the Texas State Militia Keenan
Cover Girl Wolverine Driver past nastification
Daina II Sniper (Sunbow version) past nastification
Dakota SWARM Hunters Marine OreoBuilder
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