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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Kill Switch Assassin, UFF Fighter, Wrestler Oneforceleader
Lamprey Stealth Moray Pilot joemichaels70
Lt Flint Army CID/ IDW Cobra Files Silent Master
Major Bludd Mercenary actionjoe77
Mandalore Cobra Special Forces narceron
Medi-Viper Medic snowman_ejc
POC B.A.T.s Battle Android Troopers Hard-er Master
SAW Viper Machine gunner actionjoe77
Scarface Cobra Officer Vanishing Point
Serpentor A true snake... customgijoes
Sgt. Slaughter Evil Infantry Drill Instructor draconianguard
Shadow Strike Ninja Apprentice erspears
Shiver Espionage (Sigma 6) THE Mike™
Shortwave Cobra Televiper Commander narceron
Sky Creeper Cobra Air Support bucky
Slice Cobra Ninja LIVEVIL
Vyper Cobra Special Forces narceron
Zartan Cobra Operative and Dreadnok leader erspears
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