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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Dela Eden Undercover Operative, aka Lilith Kwinn_Lives
Denia Commando HypnoHustler
Depth Charge Underwater Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
DeSade Paine Torturer - Psychological Vanishing Point
Diehard Youngblood Operative icecreamman
Doctor Manhattan Vigilante Iron Will
Domino Mercenary Lance Sputnik
Domino Mercenary Lance Sputnik
Don Gotham Mutant DanOfTheDead
Dr. Biggles-Jones Weapons Designer past nastification
Dragon Flamethrower Mainframe
Fathom Aquatic super hero pluv
Foot Soldier Foot Clan member 2DARK2C
FOOT Soldiers Hi-Tech Ninja Mercenaries DanOfTheDead
Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance icecreamman
Grandmaster Elder of the Marvel Universe pluv
Grifter Covert Ops luciendoone
Hash Brown Culinary Specialist Mainframe
Jennifer Walters Attorney at Law Lance Sputnik
Joker Clown Prince of Crime sgcaper
Jubilee Mutant Lance Sputnik
Judge Dredd Judge Iron Will
Kroenen Paranormal and occult research Darth BDR
Kwinn Mercenary toy-nutz
Kwinn Tracker Vanishing Point
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