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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cobra Soldier Urban Day Ops joemichaels70
Crazy Leggs paratrooper danielb
Crimson Commando Bodyguard joemichaels70
Crimson Commando Cobra Elite Jay
Dagger Broadsword Pilot Phobus
Duke Urban commando squad leader sirjaguar
Eastbound Ex-filtration Kilcarr
Exit Wound Covert Ops/one man extraction team/Black Ops hypnoteyes
Fast Blast Viper Infantry First Strike joemichaels70
Flail Consortium Agent Phobus
Hackle Commando KrushViper
Haywire Infiltrator/Saboteur Phobus
Hulkbuster Squad Hulk Capture/Kill Task Force DrachenWulf
Ice Cream Soldier Flame-broiling Commando IronHeadRat
Kakashi Hatake The Mirror Ninja Kilcarr
Kamakura Commando/Part-Time Ninja Kilcarr
Kamakura Ninja Aprentice CNK01
Kamakura Maskless alleyviperelite
Kamakura Infiltration joemichaels70
Kamakura Commando remster_9
Kevin Godfrey Ninja FNAadventures
Knighthawk Series 02 - Paladin Knight drbindy
Low-Light Specialist Squad sniper jak1996
Lt. Gorky Naval Infantry Dragonfly2099
Man of Action Spy Island Infiltration Kilcarr
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